Hello bloggy world!

It’s me, Bink….  I wasn’t born in bloggy world, but I got here as fast as I could.  After years of blog-stalking, I’m finally joining.  This will most likely turn into an outlet for showing off my latest coupon shopping adventures.  Grab your coupons and your Publix ad and let’s go shopping!! 

A few disclaimers:  
1)  My latest obsession is grocery shopping.  There are other deals to be had, I’m just not that into them at the moment.  Grocery shopping = hobby.
2)  I do not only shop at Publix, it just happens to be my current favorite.  I heart Publix.
3)  I really want to be a Publix Super Saver on Mondays, so get ready for picture posts with savings listed.  It’s not meant to be bragging, just FUN!

Here we go!


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