Inspirational Savers – Nicey Nash Style

Has anyone ever seen the show Clean House on the Style network?  I love the hostess, Nicey Nash.  She cracks me up with all of her antics.  As part of the beginning of the show, Nicey always says the same script to introduce the other cast members (the ones that actually do the work) to the viewers.  So, in the spirit of Nicey Nash, here’s the intro into my world of savings…..

“People always ask me, Binky, how do you do all that you?  Uhn, you know I don’t do it alone!

I’ve got Fiddledeedee! , the Queen of Club Pub
I’ve got Money Saving Mom, the Finder of Great Deals
My go to source for coupon insert previews Taylortown Coupon Preview
I’ve got Mommy Snacks for good deal “snacking”
I’ve got Southern Savers, the Reporter of Southern Deals and Frugal Steals
And last, but certainly not least….
My go to source for up to the minute deals The Thrifty Mama

I searched and searched for a video clip of Nicey doing her intro thing, but I just couldn’t find one to link to.

Does anyone have other favorite money saving sites that they enjoy?  I’m always on the lookout for more sites to read….  Please share!


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