Kroger Streak – Consider it BROKEN!

I think the title says it all…..  I went to Kroger last night and for the first time that I can remember, I saved more than I spent!  I took advantage of the “Buy 10 items, get $5 off” sale they have going on now.  I was really looking forward to stocking up on the Green Giant Steamers that were going to be FREE.  Unfortunately, everyone in my area must have been too!  The frozen food section was wiped out (Kroger frozen veggies are 88 cents right now).  Even though I brought my list from home with all my corresponding coupons, it still took me a few minutes to reconfigure what I was going to buy to maximize my savings…  what a bummer!  I’m planning to try Kroger again on Saturday to try to get those free steamers.  (I just noticed the Diet Cokes are upside down, ooops!)


“Buy 10 Items, Get $5 off” Items – Each item has an additional $0.50 off
Sour Cream:  On sale for $1.99, $0.50 off coupon doubled, minus $0.50, Final price $0.49
(6) Tropicana Orange Juice:  $2.99 each, (3) $1/ 2 off coupon, minus $3.00, Final price $1.99 each
(3) Fiber One Chewy Granola Bars:  On sale for $2.49 each, (3) $0.50 off coupons doubled, $0.50 Cellfire coupon, $0.75 Shortcuts coupon, minus $1.50, Final price  $0.57 each

Kroger Napkins:  On sale for $0.88, $0.75 Cellfire coupon, Final price $0.13
Kroger Tissues:  On sale for $0.88, $0.75 Cellfire coupon, Final price $0.13
Cottonelle:  $0.99, $0.50 coupon doubled, Final price FREE!
(2) Colgate Toothpaste:  On sale $3/ 2, (2) $0.75 coupon, Final price $0.75 each
(2) Refried Beans:  On sale for $1.00, $0.50 off 2 coupon doubled, Final price $0.50 each
Veg-all:  $1.09, $0.35 off coupon doubled, Final price $0.39
(4) 12 pack Diet Coke:  On sale for $4 each and Buy 3 get 1 free, (4) $1 off coupon, Final price $2.00  each

Total Savings $35.27 (57%)

Grand Total Out of Pocket:  $27.39

Edited:  We now have enough OJ for Sunday brunches until mid-March!  That’s what the OJ is dated….  Without the whole family helping to drink it, I think we’d be in trouble!!

Edited squared:  WOW!  I am in AWE of Jenny at Southern Savers!  Look at her Friday Finals, especially at Kroger.  WOW!


2 Responses to “Kroger Streak – Consider it BROKEN!”

  1. Kristina Says:

    You must have a very thirsty family!! I need to check out your Kroger blog. I can’t ever find much there but haven’t shopped the 88 cent sale yet.

  2. A Frugal Friend Says:

    I’m heading there tonight….hope they aren’t cleaned out! I’ll be seriously bummed! I did just make it to Target though……got some cheap organic milk by combining coupons and some free stuff too!

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