Kroger Mega Sale – Trip #2

Today my  husband and I made another trip to Kroger to see if we could get some free Green Giant Steamers.  We were heading home from running some errands, so we hedged our bets and stopped at the first Kroger we came to.  That way, if they were out, we would pass two more Krogers on the way home where we could stop, if we needed to.  Luckily the first Kroger was completely stocked with Steamers.  Also included in the picture below are four of the Johnson’s Soap Buddies.  We picked those up at WalMart for a credit of 12 cents!  We have 3 nieces and a nephew to pass them along to.  On to the good stuff:


“Buy 10 Items, Get $5 Off” Items – Each item has an additional $0.50 off
(5) Green Giant Steamers: On sale for $1.50, (5) $0.50 off coupons doubled, (2) $0.50 Shortcut Coupons, minus $2.50, Final price FREE! with $1.00 overage
Chex Mix:  On sale for $1.99, $0.60 Cellfire coupon, minus $0.50, Final price $0.89
Frozen Meatballs:  On sale for $2.99, $0.55 off coupon, minus $0.50, Final price $1.94
(2) Kraft Cheese (one shredded, one block):  On sale for $1.99, minus $1.00, Final price $1.49 each
French’s Mustard:  On sale for $1.69, $0.30 coupon doubled, minus $0.50, Final price $0.59

Tuna:  $0.75, $0.75 Cellfire coupon, Final price FREE!
Flatbread:  On markdown clearance for $1.29
Portabella Mushrooms:  On markdown clearance for $1.79
Dozen Glazed Donuts:  On markdown clearance for $1.49 

Non-Sale but Necessary Items
Gallon of Milk:  $3.18
1 1/2 dozen Eggs:  $2.19

Total Savings:  $26.52  (63%)

Grand Total Out of Pocket:  $15.85


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