My Couponing History

I first started to really get into coupon shopping about four months ago.  I was fascinated by all of the stuff that everyone on the blogs that I was reading was getting for very little money.  Rows of shampoo bottles, stacks of boxes of cereal, pyramids of canned foods…..  It was incredible!! 


The first store that I decided to investigate was CVS.  The lure of ECB rolling was too much to resist, so I briefly stuck my toe in the CVS-ECB-shopping pool.  I had a few really great trips, but, to be honest, I lost interest relatively quickly.  I would plan out, in a spreadsheet of course, an elaborate plan on what to buy to earn ECBs, what coupons to use, what ECBs to use to pay.  Then I would get to CVS and most of the things I needed to complete my ultimate scenario would not be in stock!  A few frustrated trips and I was over it.  I still read the CVS weekly sales matchups on blogs and I continue to randomly stop by various CVS stores, but it seems that Publix has captured my heart…..


Prior to coupon shopping, my family did most of our grocery shopping at Kroger, Aldi and WalMart.  We were not actively using coupons, but we were also not spending money “like the world owed us a living.” (Like that Steph?)  I would briefly review the Kroger ad before heading in the front doors and I would try to buy things that were on sale.  I sort of knew how much things should cost and what a good price was.  At Aldi, we would buy pretty much anything we wanted because we knew that most of their prices were less than Kroger and WalMart.  We would base meals on what seemed to be on sale and what looked good to us while we were shopping.


In my mind, Publix prices were high.  We’ve always loved their bakery (we got our wedding and groom’s cake at Publix!) and their fresh made subs and iced tea, but we never really shopped for our groceries there.  And I thought that they didn’t double coupons (which I’m not sure mattered since we weren’t using coupons…….).  It wasn’t until I really looked at their weekly ad and saw all the buy one get one free deals that DUH! Publix is not high when things are half price!  Combine that with coupons and BAM! you have super savings.


I was reading coupon shopping/ money saving blogs that did the weekly ad rundown with coupon matchups.  I was focused on CVS at first, but I soon realized (by seeing everyone else’s deals) that regular grocery shopping was another great opportunity to save.  Out of the limited number of blogs that I was stalking reading, no one matched the weekly Publix ad.  I found Fiddledeedee (thank goodness!) by searching on Google for something like “Publix weekly ad and coupon.”  I don’t remember exactly, but boy am I glad that serach returned Fiddledeedee!  What a great resource and inspiration Sarah has been!


These days my primary focus is Publix and I go to Kroger when the weekly deals reel me in (all siren like).  I can get most everything we need between those two stores.  Our trips to WalMart and Aldi have really decreased.  Since we moved to our new house, Aldi is no longer on my way home from work.  Now that I have to go out of my way, it just doesn’t make much sense to make a special trip for the very few items (like milk) that are usually less there.  The money I save shopping at Publix makes up for the difference.


In an upcoming blog, I’m going to take you on a tour of where we store all of our stockpiled stuff!   


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  1. Steph Says:

    Shout out to Mrs. Z!! Holla!

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