Check out those blog stats (in the teeny tiny picture below)….  Over one thousand views since my first post less than a month ago.  That’s incredible!!  If you’re stopping by, leave a comment to say HEY.  Edited to add:  There is no way that every view is my mom, Steph, Courtney, or my mother-in-law!  And my super-de-duper Blog Assistant can’t quite read yet!



4 Responses to “Wowsers!”

  1. Courtney Horton Says:

    Thanks for leaving out your other sister…. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY YOUR BLOG ASSISTANT!!

  2. Bink Says:

    There! Are you happy now??? I’ll get my face on here one of these days….

  3. Kristina Says:

    HEY. Colin is reading it, too.

  4. Bink Says:

    YEAH!! I’m honored! I have some baby type item coupons that I was holding on to… I figured either you or Gen could use them! =)

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