Stockpile Storage Tour


In the process of getting our stockpile of goods at home started, I quickly became aware of the need to find a place (or multiple places!) to store everything.  The personal hygiene items (ie – shampoo, toothpaste, razors, medicine, etc) was pretty straight forward.  We have two large bottom drawers in our master bathroom vanity that work perfectly.  Granted, they’re not organized or orderly, but they hold everything we need them to right now. 




Once I jumped on board the “free Cottonelle” at Kroger train, we needed a new place to store our TP stockpile.  It no longer fit underneath the bathroom sink.  I ended up moving it to the shelf above the coat closet in the downstairs hallway.  It’s right outside the master bedroom and it’s close to the guest half-bath.  It’s great! 




We have some awesome cabinets in our laundry room.  They came in SUPER handy right after we first moved in and CVS had a fantastic deal on Purex liquid laundry detergent.  We had 7 bottles in our stockpile!  Now, 6 months later, we are down to our last bottle.  (Tangent – Need to find a good deal on laundry detergent soon!) 




Finding places to store our non-food items was relatively easy.  Food, on the other hand, required a little bit of work to make the most of our stockpile…..


We have a great pantry in our kitchen.  It has 5 nicely-sized shelves.  In the world of pantries, it’s on the large size.  BUT! as our stockpile grew and I kept loading it all in there, it quickly got so full that I couldn’t see what was on each of the shelves.  I tried to organize it logically (here’s where the anal engineer in me comes out…), cereal on the top shelf, all baking items together, cans together and lined up alphabetically, boxed sides and pasta together, and a “catch all” miscellanous shelf.  After two big shopping trips, the pantry was a MESS!  The cans were stacked on top of each other and crammed together to fit on one shelf.  Was there a can of corn back there?  Any soup?  Who knew?!?!  You couldn’t see, let alone read, any of the cans.  The cereal was so smushed together with granola bars in front it made it impossible to get cereal boxes down.  We couldn’t get anything out of the pantry without causing an avalanche!   It was a complete mess and very user un-friendly.    




Enter my MARVELOUS husband!  We have an odd shaped closet in our kitchen that is under the stairs.  The ceiling starts at regular height and ends up at about a 3′ elevation.  It was pretty much unusable space.  When we first moved in, I stored the vacuum cleaner and a small shelf that held our crockpot, blender, food processor, and a few other random specialized kitchen gadgets in there.  We decided some custom built shelves in the closet would be a perfect solution to our stockpile storage dilema.  My husband made and installed two shelves along the wall that hold 2 cans deep of food.  And he also made bigger shelves at the end of the closet for our specialized kitchen gadget storage.  We use the space under the shelves to store paper goods, serving dishes,  and bottles of juice.  I cannot express how much I LOVE THESE SHELVES!  I can very quickly see what items we are running low on and see what we have on hand to use for menu planning.  I can also get my crockpot out and put away with a minimal amout of fuss.  So so so AWESOME!




Now it’s time for you to share about your stockpile storage!  Where do you store all of those fantastic deals you snag?        


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