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77% Publix Savings

March 30, 2009


This week’s Publix trip was MUCH better than last week’s!  My fingers are almost healed and I had BOTH contacts in, it was great!  I was able to get some great deals, but my favorite is the cat food.  Publix paid me $1.50 to take two bags of cat food.  The best part?  We don’t have a cat!!  But I do have friends that do, so I’m planning to pass it along…  Here’s what I got: 

1-cent Mystery Item
Publix Salad Dressing

Buy One Get One Free Items
(2) Contessa Frozen Meals – On sale for 2/ $7.99, (2) $2.00 off coupons, Final Price:  $2.00 each

(2) Cat food – On sale for 2/ $4.49, (2) $3.00 off coupons, Final Price:  -$0.75 each  ($1.50 CREDIT!)

(3) Crystal Light Drink Mixes – On sale for 2/ $3.99, “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” Coupon, Final Price:  $1.33 each

Sliced Prosciutto – On sale for 2/ $4.39, Final Price:  $2.20

(2) Select Harvest Soup – On sale for 2/ $2.39, $0.50 off 2 coupon doubled, Final Price:  $0.70 each

Pretzel Crisps – On sale for 2/ $3.19, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $0.60

Olives – On sale 2/ $1.99, Final Price:  $1.00

Diet Dr Pepper – On sale 2/ $1.59, FREE coupon, Final Price:  FREE!

Sale Items
(3) CoffeeMate Creamers – On sale 3/ $5.00, (2) $1.00 off coupons, (1) $1.50 off coupon, Final Price:  $0.50 each

Waffle Fries – Advantage Buy for $2.79, $0.75 off coupon, Final Price:  $2.04

Publix Iced Tea – On sale for $0.99, Final Price:  $0.99

Non-Sale Items
Revlon Nail Clippers – $1.49, $2.00 off Publix coupon, Final Price:  -$0.51  ($0.51 CREDIT!)

Total Savings:   $51.68  (77%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $15.70

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50% Kroger Savings and NO MORE FREE TP!

March 29, 2009

I made a quick stop at Kroger on Friday night to get some of the free (to cheap) toilet paper.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that  my Kroger is no longer carrying the $0.99 4-pack of Cottonelle toilet paper.  ARGH!  I’m going to have to start paying for toilet paper?  Has anyone else noticed the 4-pack Cottonelle missing?  Here is what I ended up getting:

18 ct Eggs (not on sale) – $1.98

(2) Tubs of Healthy Ones Lunchmeat – On sale for Buy one for $3.99 Get one free (or $1.99 each), minus (2) $0.75 coupons, Final Price: $1.25 each

Wheat Bread – On sale for $0.78

Kraft Cheese – On sale for 3/ $5, Final Price:  $1.67

Grapes – On sale for $0.99/ lb, Final Price:  $1.76

Total Savings:   $8.95  (50%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $8.98

Farmers Market Savings

March 29, 2009

I stopped by the Farmers Market by my office on Friday evening to grab a few things.  I needed a few fresh ingredients for the Lemon and Herb Crockpot Chicken that I was finally going to make on Saturday.  Here’s everything I got:


10 lbs of potatoes – $2.99
2 packs of strawberries – $0.79 each
5 pack of garlic – $0.50
2 lemons – $0.25 each
Fresh rosemary – $0.99

I spent $6.56 on everything pictured!

And here is a picture of the Lemon and Herb Crock Pot Chicken that I made for dinner on Saturday.  It had a great flavor (and the house smelled amazing!), but the chicken ended up a bit dry.  I think I cooked it a little longer than I should have.

Menu Plan Monday – March 23rd

March 23, 2009


Monday –  Out for Wings!

Tuesday –  Garlic Shrimp, Rice, Edamame (didn’t get to this last week)

Wednesday –  Lemon and Herb Crockpot Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Veggie   

Thursday –  Spaghetti and Meatballs, Cheese Texas Toast, Veggie

Friday –  Fish tacos, Veggie

Saturday –  Crockpot Asian Peanut Butter Pork (again!  We LOVE it!), Rice, Veggie 

Sunday –  Mini Chicken Meatloaves,  Potatoes, Veggie

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Sunday is for Baby Boston Creme Pies!!

March 22, 2009

Today after brunch my trusty blog assistant and I made Christy’s (again, of Southern Plate fame) Baby Boston Creme Pies.  They were good, but I think we definitely prefer the Doughnuts from a few weeks ago.  Here’s our process in pictures….

The best picture we could get...  She kept putting the biscuits in front of her face!

The best picture we could get... She kept putting the biscuits in front of her face!

The assembly line

The assembly line

And she blinked.....

And she blinked.....

Chocolate mustache

Chocolate mustache

Publix Weekly

March 22, 2009


Today’s Publix trip was quite an experience!  The day started off like any other Sunday…  We went to church, we had my family over for brunch, we made mini Boston Creme Pies (pics coming soon) and then the ladies started to get coupons together for our trip to Publix.  I was quickly throwing together the Crockpot Chicken Curry we were having for dinner.  The knife slipped when I was chopping onion and I cut two of my fingers pretty bad.  After I got them cleaned up and band-aided, we were on our way to Publix.  THEN on the car ride, I rubbed my left eye a little too rough and lost my contact!  My left eye is my “bad” eye!!  I had to keep covering it so I could read coupons.  What a mess!!  Needless to say, it wasn’t the most pleasant trip to Publix ever.  Savings-wise it was pretty good though!!  Here is what I got:


1 cent Mystery Item
Publix Brand Paper Towels

Buy One Get One Free Items
(2) Kellogg’s Special K – On sale for 2/ $3.99, “Buy-one-get-one free” coupon off the box front, Final Price $1.00 each

(2) Fiber One Yogurt – On sale for 2/ $2.50, (2) $1.00 coupons, Final Price $0.25 each

(2) Cake Mixes – On sale for 2/ 1.59, “Free Publix Bag wyb two Betty Crocker items “, Final Price $0.80 each
Free Publix reusable bag!

(5) Lender’s Bagels – On sale for 2/ $1.99, Qualify for The Real Meal Deal, Final Price $1.00 each        
(Thanks Sarah!)

TGIF Skillets – On sale for 2/ $7.99, $2.00 off blinkie coupon, Final Price $2.00

Spray and Wash – On sale for 2/ $2.99, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price $0.50

Tropicana 50 Juice – On sale for 2/ $3.79, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price $0.90

Smart Balance Spread – On sale for 2/ $2.79, Free Smart Balance Milk wyb Spread coupon, Final Price $1.40
Free Smart Balance milk!

Sale Items
Shaving Gel – On sale for 2/ $4.00, Final Price $2.00

Alavert – On markdown clearance for 2/ $9.99, $4.00 Publix coupon, Final Price $1.00

Tylenol Sinus – On markdown clearance for 2/ $4.99, $2.00 Publix coupon, Final Price $0.50

Benadryl Sinus – On sale for $3.99, $2.00 Publix coupon, Final Price $1.99

Barber Chicken Cordon Bleu – On sale for $3.99, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price $2.99

Publix Whole Fryer Chicken – On sale for $0.79/ lb, Final Price $3.37

Total Savings:   $55.96  (67%)

Total Out of Pocket:    $29.25

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Hobby Lobby Steals!

March 22, 2009

This weekend, after our super awesome trip to Belk, my Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby to check out their “Home Accents” clearance.  I’ve been on the lookout for some decorative things to put on our mantle above the fireplace.  We were excited to see that the clearance aisle was down to 90% off!!  Woohoo!!  I found two decorative jars for above the fireplace that I really love.  The larger one was originally $59.99 and the smaller one was originally $49.99.  Who in their RIGHT MIND would pay that much?!?!?  Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re great, but $110 great?  No way!!  I like $11 much better.  I also picked up two decorative statues (? I’m not exactly sure what to call them….).  One for $3 and one for $2.  Here’s a picture of everything together:

New fancy-schmancy decorations
New fancy-schmancy decorations

Total Savings:   $144.00  (90%)

 Total Out of Pocket:   $16.00

More clothes…

March 22, 2009

On Saturday, my Mom and I hit another Belk store looking for more awesome winter clearance clothing.  And boy did we find it!!  I got three sweaters and two long sleeve shirts for my husband for $36.  

For my husband

For my husband

 For myself, I got two dresses (each originally $100!!), a pair of pants, and a sweater for $32.  I also got our niece’s 10th birthday presents, a little early…..  Her birthday is in November!  I like to shop early when things are on sale and just store them in the closet in my craft room.  I got her one sweater, two shirts, and a pair of pants for $14.

For the ladies

For the ladies

  The totals for everything above was:

Total Savings:   $566.15  (87%) 

Total Out of Pocket:   $83.06

A Different Kind of Savings….

March 19, 2009


Today I stopped by Belk after work to very quickly run in to get a bar of Clinique face soap (we’d been out for 3 days). 

The clothing clearance racks were calling my name!  As of Monday, Belk had marked down their winter clearance items to amazing prices.  The pricing scheme goes something like this:

Original Price:   less than $26   Clearance Price:  $2.98
Original Price:   $27 – $51          Clearance Price:  $4.98
Original Price:   $52 – $100?     Clearance Price:  $9.98
And so on….. 

So, here’s what I got:

Woohoo!  New clothes, CHEAP!

Woohoo! New clothes, CHEAP!

One vest, two short sleeve shirts, and two pairs of pants.  I got 5 things for less than $25 including tax!!

Total Savings:  $175.10  (88%)

Total Out of Pocket:  $24.27


Edited to Add:  I hit Belk again this weekend and got some more great deals, check it out here!

Wordless Wednesday

March 18, 2009

Stupid Easy and Delicious”