Thanks, Rach! Dinner was Yum-o!

I finally got around to making Rachael Ray’s Sausage-and-Zucchini Rice tonight for dinner.  What?  I only scheduled it for last Saturday, March 7th on my Menu Plan Monday…  3 days behind?!?  That’s not so bad!!

This dish was AWESOME!  It didn’t take long to prepare, the chopping of ingredients was minimal,  and it was super flavorful.  My husband ate two bowls!  He said that it’s by far his favorite meal that I’ve made lately (that includes Slow Cooker Thai Chicken and Crock Pot Peanut Butter Asian Pork, both of which he really enjoyed). 


I did make a few minor tweaks to the recipe….  I added mushrooms, I used more sausage and zucchini than called for, and I didn’t bother with the pine nuts. 

And the best part of the whole recipe?!?  The farmer’s market had zucchini for $0.49/ lb!!  Last week, it was $1.99/ lb at Kroger.  And I got to use a full carton of my stockpiled chicken broth!  It was a very successful meal……


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