After last week’s Publix hiatus, I was ready to go shopping today!!  The weekly ad didn’t have toooooo much that I really wanted (or needed…), but I am very happy with the deals that I snagged.  And it was a fun Sunday Publix shopping extravaganza with my mom…  (Hey Mom!  You should add your shopping total in the comments….)  I also had a $3 CVS coupon to use (Steph – I gave yours to Courtney).    Here is what I got:


1-cent Mystery Item
Publix Tortilla Chips

Buy One, Get One Free Items 
(2) Kraft Salad Dressings – On sale 2/ $2.99, $1/ 2 coupon, Final Price $0.99 each

(2) Bertolli Sauce Pouches – On sale 2/ $2.69, (2) $1.00 off blinkie coupons, Final Price $0.35 each

(2) Tai Pei Frozen Meals – On sale 2/ $2.99, $1/ 2 coupon, Final Price $1.00 each

Valasic Sandwich Stackers – On sale 2/ $2.89, Final Price $1.45

Sale Items

Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Meal for 2 – On sale for $5.99, $1.00 off coupon, $2.00 off Publix coupon, Final Price $2.99

(2) Mrs T Pierogies – On sale for $2.19, (2) $1.00 off coupons, Final Price $1.19 each

(2) Mentos Gum – On sale for $0.99, (2) $1.00 off coupons, Final Price FREE!!

(2) Pringles – On sale 2/ $3.00, $1.00/ 2 coupon, Final Price $1.00 each

Del Monte 50% Less Salt Green Beans – On sale for $0.79, $0.30 off coupon doubled, Final Price $0.19

Publix Milk – On sale for $2.50, Final Price $2.50

Cabbage – On sale for $0.19/ lb, Final Price $0.47

Simply OJ w/ Pineapple – On sale for $3.00, $0.55 off coupon, Final Price $2.45

Total Savings:  $33.59  (66%)

Total Out of Pocket:  $16.96

Click on the Fiddledeedee! header above to see more Publix Super Savers!!


2 Responses to “Publix!”

  1. watcat Says:

    Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Bink Says:

    That is so nice! Thanks for stopping by!!

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