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Publix Savings – 72%

April 29, 2009


I’m sorry for the abbreviated post…..

I went to Publix on Sunday with my Mom and super-duper blog assistant.  I was excited to pick up the 1-cent mystery item:  a 6-pack of Publix bottled water.  There were great coupon/ b-o-g-o matches.  Here’s what I got:

Total Savings:   $54.13  (72%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $20.24

Click on the Fiddledeedee! button above to see more Publix Super Savers!

Advertisements – 80% off!!

April 28, 2009

Jenny at Southern Savers has the low down on being 80% off  through 4/30!  

Check it out!!

Kroger Savings – 52%

April 25, 2009

I went to Kroger on Thursday night after hearing about their 3-day sale on the radio on the way to work that morning.  I was super excited to get grapes and milk.  There were also some good coupon matches from the regular ad this week that I wanted to pick up (pasta and toilet paper).  Unfortunately, my Kroger was out of the Angel Soft toilet paper.  I might try to stop by today, free is worth another trip!  Here is what I got:


3-Day Sale Items
Black Seedless Grapes –  On sale for $0.99/lb, Final Price:  $1.80

(2) Kroger Bacon – On sale for $0.99, Final Price:  $0.99 each

Kroger Gallon Milk – On sale for $1.99, Final Price:  $1.99

24 Pack Kroger Water – On sale for $2.98, Final Price:  $2.98

Sale Items
(4) Caolina Pride Sausage – On sale buy-one-get-one-free ($3.99 and $3.79), (2) $1.50/ 2 coupons, Final Price:   $1.20 each

Kroger Shredded Cheese – On sale for $1.99, Final Price:  $1.99

(2) Ground Turkey Chubs – On mark down clearance for 1/2 price, Final Price:  $1.49 each

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum 100% Recycled – On sale for $1.89, $0.55 off coupon, Final Price:  $1.34
I will mail in the Earth Day Rebate to get it for FREE!

(2) Barilla Pastas  – On sale for $0.75, (2) $0.50 off coupons doubled, Final Price:   $0.50 CREDIT!

(2) McCormick Grill Mates Seasoning – On sale for $1.00, (2) $1.00 off coupons, Final Price:  FREE!

Jalapeno Cornbread – On clearnace markdown for 1/2 price, Final Price:  $1.49

1/2 Gallon Kroger OJ – On sale for $0.99, Final Price:  $0.99

Kroger Cottage Cheese – On sale for $1.00, Final Price:  $1.00

Sun Laundry Detergent – On sale for $1.88, Final Price:  $1.88
*I have been using this detergent for over a month now and it works great!  And you can’t beat the price!!*

Total Savings:   $27.67  (52%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $25.62


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Kroger 3-day Sale!

April 23, 2009

Kroger is having a 3-day Sale that goes from today through Saturday (4/23 – 4/25).   Woohooo, extra special savings!! 

From memory, it includes:
– Kroger Bacon $0.99
– 24 pack Kroger Water $2.98
– Black Seedless Grapes $0.99/lb
– Blue Bell Ice Cream $2.98
– Gallon Kroger Milk $1.99

Did I miss/ forget anything?

I stopped by Kroger tonight and picked up 4 of the 5 things listed above…..  I’ll have a detailed post of the trip tomorrow….

Great Kroger Deals This Week

April 20, 2009

Thanks so much to The Thrifty Mama for posting about two great deals at Kroger this week:

Free Angel Soft Toilet Paper – YEAH!!  I was so sad when Kroger stopped carrying the 4-pack Cottonelle that was FREE after $0.50 off coupons were doubled.  This is only this week though……. 

Cheap Barilla Pasta

Sometimes I get so focused on the Publix deals that I miss some awesome deals at other stores….

Publix Savings – 74%

April 19, 2009


 After two loooooooong weeks of no Publix shopping, it felt GREAT to go today!!  I got some great deals on things we need, but I didn’t get everything on my list today.  I saved a few things for a $10 trip tomorrow night (Monday) for more 1-cent toilet  paper.  If I can’t get it free at Kroger anymore, 1-cent at Publix will have to do!!  Here’s what I got:


Mystery 1-Cent Item
Publix 4-pack Toilet Paper – Final Price:  $0.01

Buy One Get One Free Items
Yoplait Yogurt – On sale for 2/ $2.79, $1.50 off coupon, Final Price:  -$0.10 ($0.10 CREDIT!)

(3) Mueller Pasta – On sale for 2/ $1.29, $1.00/ 3 coupon, Final Price:  $0.31 each

Pam Spray – On sale for 2/ $3.39, $0.35 off coupon doubled, $0.55 off Publix coupon, Final Price:  $0.45

(2) Betty Crocker Potatoes – On sale for 2/ $1.59, (2) $0.25 off coupons doubled, Final Price:  $0.40 each

Advantage Buys
Soft Scrub Cleaner – On sale for 2/ $5.00, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  $1.50

Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets – On sale for $2.99, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $1.99

Croutons – On sale for $0.99, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  FREE!

Heinz White Vinegar – On sale for $1.07, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  $0.07

Mahatma 5 lbs Rice – On sale for $3.59, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  $2.59

Total Savings:   $23.32  (74%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $8.03


Click on the Fiddledeedee! header above to see more Publix Super Savers!! – 70% off

April 15, 2009 is 70% off until 4/20!  Check out Fiddledeedee! or Southern Savers for the details….

I was super excited to see that my husband’s favorite local pizza place was just added!  I can get a $10 gift certificate for $0.90!  To use the certificate it requires a $20 purchase and an added 18% gratuity.  If we plan our meal just right, we can get $23.60 of food and service for only $14.50.  That’s a savings of 38%!

200,000 miles!

April 15, 2009

On our way to Easter dinner, my husband’s Honda hit 200,000 miles!!  We, of course, had the camera in the car to capture this momentous occasion….


Look what I got!

April 7, 2009

My $10 Publix gift card came in the mail today!  I qualified for it with this shopping trip on February 22.  That’s a six week turn-around, not too shabby!!  I’m looking forward to using these $10 on an upcoming Publix trip.


Menu Plan – In Reverse

April 5, 2009

I didn’t post (or really even plan) a Menu Plan for this past week.  Surprisingly, even without a written plan, we ate at home 4 out of 7 nights.  That’s good for us!  Since we were trying some new recipes, I decided to take pictures of our dinners…..

Monday – Mini Chicken Meatloaves, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas



Tuesday – Crockpot Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Cheesy Veggies, Green Beans


Wednesday – Proscuitto Stromboli, Sliced Cucumbers



After that is when the week fell apart….  Thursday – Pizza out with my parents, Friday – Endless fries at Ruby Tuesday, and Saturday – Loco’s with my husband’s parents (after Chuck E. Cheese!).  We did get our act together today.  I made Crockpot Mexican Breakfast Casserolefor brunch after church this morning.  And we had a frozen bag of Beef with Broccoli and a side of edamame for dinner.  We’ll see how this week goes!