Menu Plan – In Reverse

I didn’t post (or really even plan) a Menu Plan for this past week.  Surprisingly, even without a written plan, we ate at home 4 out of 7 nights.  That’s good for us!  Since we were trying some new recipes, I decided to take pictures of our dinners…..

Monday – Mini Chicken Meatloaves, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Sugar Snap Peas



Tuesday – Crockpot Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Cheesy Veggies, Green Beans


Wednesday – Proscuitto Stromboli, Sliced Cucumbers



After that is when the week fell apart….  Thursday – Pizza out with my parents, Friday – Endless fries at Ruby Tuesday, and Saturday – Loco’s with my husband’s parents (after Chuck E. Cheese!).  We did get our act together today.  I made Crockpot Mexican Breakfast Casserolefor brunch after church this morning.  And we had a frozen bag of Beef with Broccoli and a side of edamame for dinner.  We’ll see how this week goes!


2 Responses to “Menu Plan – In Reverse”

  1. Gen Says:

    How were the mini chicken meatloaves? That’s actually something that interests my picky taste buds!

  2. Bink Says:

    They were really good! And they cooked super fast, which is always a plus for me…. I added the ketchup on top and actually put a bit more on when I was eating them. I liked them and so did Jeff. The recipe made a whole muffin tin full.

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