Publix Savings – 72%


I’m sorry for the abbreviated post…..

I went to Publix on Sunday with my Mom and super-duper blog assistant.  I was excited to pick up the 1-cent mystery item:  a 6-pack of Publix bottled water.  There were great coupon/ b-o-g-o matches.  Here’s what I got:

Total Savings:   $54.13  (72%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $20.24

Click on the Fiddledeedee! button above to see more Publix Super Savers!


2 Responses to “Publix Savings – 72%”

  1. Quen Says:

    You did great! I also purchased the Starkist SeaSations. I sure hope they taste good because I purchased 10 of them, even though I’ve never had them before. ( LOL ) Then again, they were free, so I can’t be too disappointed.

    However, I am glad I did take a chance and purchase the Marie Callender’s Pasta Al Dente meals. I bought every flavor they had and I’ve tried 3 so far and each one is yummy. If I’m not mistaken, the sale in your area runs until today ( Wednesday ) and you can still get them. Here is the link: $1/1 & $0.75/1

    As for the Del Monte Sunfresh fruits, I looked high and low ( at 2 different stores ) and I couldn’t find them. Hopefully I’ll have better luck next time. I wish I had stocked up on the scrubbing bubbles because while I was in the store I came across the SC Johnson coupon booklet. There was a $2/2 coupon in there, which would have made them $0.45 each.

  2. Courtney Says:

    What is the deal??? You have lots of free time now!!!

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