Mark your Calendars!


During the month of May Arby’s is giving away free items on Wednesdays!  My sister, super-duper blog assistant niece, and I went to check out the free Roastburgers for lunch today.  Our local Arby’s was HOPPING!  There were flags, signs, a tent, and an inflatable moon walk for the kids.  It was like a carnival!  I got my lunch of a free Roastburger with the purchase of a drink and an order of fries for less than $3.50!  I love the Bacon Blue Roastburger, it’s awesome.  We had a great time and are looking forward to going next week for our free shakes!

No coupons were necessary!  All you had to do was purchase a drink and you got a free Roastburger.  The employees also told us that they will continue this promotion in June too, but the calendar has not been released yet.  I think this will become a weekly tradition for sure!

Edited to add: 
The blogosphere is a FANTASTIC place!!  STL Mommy has the full summer schedule of freebies posted, go check it out!


One Response to “Mark your Calendars!”

  1. Kim Julian Says:

    Thanks for the link! Love your blog…


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