Vegetable Garden, Part 1

I have been meaning to blog about our vegetable garden.  I had the best intentions of photographing the whole process; from growing the seeds inside to planting the garden to harvesting our bounty…  Well, I’m sorry to say, that just didn’t happen!  But I’m hoping to start now and follow the rest of the process…..

 This is our first attempt at a vegetable garden and it seems to be going pretty well.  We have (from seeds) two types of green beans, cantaloupe, and two types of peppers and (from plants) squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  We originally tried eggplant and squash from seeds, but the eggplant never sprouted and the squash got eaten when they were teeny tiny little sprouts.

My husband and I live (by most standards) in the country.  Our backyard backs up to 8 acres or so of green space that is home to plenty of wild animals.  When the baby squash disappeared overnight, we weren’t sure if it was deer or bunnies.  We decided that we should probably put a fence around our garden to try to discourage it from becoming a summer-long salad bar for the neighbors….  I am happy to report that since we put up the fence, no plants have been eaten.  And I was able to catch a glimpse of the culprit….  These were taken out our bedroom window.

I just happened to be walking by the window at the right time....

I just happened to be walking by the window at the right time....


Salad bar is officially CLOSED!   (and check out that zoom!)

Salad bar is officially CLOSED! (and check out that zoom!)


2 Responses to “Vegetable Garden, Part 1”

  1. The Thrifty Mama Says:

    Oh how cute, but such a nuisance. I have seen bunnies around, but so far my garden has stayed fairly safe. I buried human hair (my husband shaved his head for me) around the edges, so that the scent would ward of deer and bunnies, and I’ve also planted marigolds around the edges because bunnies hate those. My marigolds aren’t quite big yet, so we’ll see. I also sprinkle chili powder around the edges because animals and bugs alike don’t like that. Can’t wait to see more gardening posts from you!

  2. Vegetable Garden, Part 2 « Turn it up to 11 Says:

    […] had any other plants disappear (or get munched on) since we put the fence up.  Check out Vegetable Garden, Part 1 to catch a peek at the garden […]

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