Fantastic Deal Alert!

I wanted to pass along a few great deals that I saw at Publix today:

 At the front of my Publix (metro-Atlanta area) there is a cardboard Kraft display that looks like a gray grill with two great coupons for this week’s Publix and Kroger sales.  The coupons are:  

– $1.00 off any Country Time lemonade

– $2.00 off any meat/ poultry with the purchase of two qualifying products (they include:  Kraft BBQ sauce, Kraft Dressings, A-1, Kraft Mayo, and Miracle Whip) 

Country Time Lemonade is on sale 10/ $10 at Kroger.  The coupon makes them FREE!  (I got 8 today!) 

All of the qualifying products for the meat deal are buy one get one free (with corresponding coupons, of course!) at Publix.  I got 3 packs of meat for almost free!

Be on the lookout for that cardboard grill!!


2 Responses to “Fantastic Deal Alert!”

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