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Vegetable Garden – Part 6

June 27, 2009

Our second vegetable garden harvest:  SQUASH!!



Vegetable Garden – Part 5

June 17, 2009

Our very first harvest!!


And boy did they taste great!

JC Penney – 93.3% Savings

June 17, 2009

I got a JC Penney “$10 off a $10 or more purchase” coupon in the mail a few weeks ago.  We get them every couple of months.  We don’t usually shop there, but we did order some roman shades for our new house off their web-site, so I think that is what got us on their mailing list. 


The coupon was set to expire this weekend, so I went to the JC Penney Homestore today to see what I could find….  My plan was to find something on sale for a little over $10 so that I could get something for almost free.  Well, mission accomplished!!  JC Penney has their summer merchandise on sale 60 – 70% off!  They had adorable, brightly colored plastic party ware (glasses, trays, pitchers, place mats, serving dishes, etc.), cute outside decorations, and nice outdoor furniture on sale.  But what caught my eye was the section of kids summer toys for 60% off.  I got a great 2 in 1 croquet and golf set for our 4 year old nephew for Christmas.  When I got home, I just put it away in our gift closet.


Original Price:   $29.99

60% off ($18):   $11.99

$10 off Coupon and Total Out of Pocket:  $1.99

Total Savings:   $28.00   (93.3%)

Vegetable Garden – Part 3

June 16, 2009

I am super excited to announce:   WE HAVE FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!!  The garden has really blossomed.  It is incredible how big some of the plants are getting and the actual veggies that are growing.  Since my last update, my husband and I tried de-grassing the garden.  After an hour of pulling and a few blisters, we got discouraged…..  So my husband pulled out his weedeater and went to town cutting down all the grass inside the garden.  It worked great!  For a few days…..  As you can see in this picture that I took today, the grass is on it’s way back in…  Time for another weedeating escapade!  I put some mulch around the teeny-tiny pepper plants.  This has discouraged grass from taking them over and the pepper plants have gotten a little bigger.  They are still really tiny, so I’m doubtful that we’ll see any peppers, but you never know! 


My husband and I split the first green bean that came out of the garden the other night.  I think I should be able to pick enough for a real side dish for tomorrow’s dinner.    


I had to get creative with the pole beans.  They ended up on the inside of the bush beans, so they were reaching all over and attacking the other plants.  My Mom recommended adding some string to help corral them.  And it worked!!


We are really looking forward to having lots of squash. 

Here is our one lone tomato plant.  It is in a pot on the back patio and has one lone tomato on it.  I water it and it still looks like it’s about to die!


And last, but certainly not least, the BLACKBERRIES!  We have a lot of blackberry bushes in our back yard.  They were there when we moved in at the end of last summer, so we tried to keep the majority of them in confined to an island in the middle of the yard.  They are finally ripening!  I have to work fast to get them before the brids do, but it’s worth it!


Publix Savings – 66%

June 16, 2009

Wow!  I am so glad to be back shopping and blogging!  My family had an AWESOME (and fairly inexpensive) trip to Disney World that I will be blogging about later, but it was exhausting….  The oppressive heat combined with a lot of walking and loooooooong days tires you out.  So it’s nice to be home and getting back into grocery shopping!  Here is what I got at Publix this weekend:

Two trips combined into one picture

Two trips combined into one picture

1-cent Mystery Item
(2) Publix 4-pack toilet paper – Regular Price $2.39, Final Price:  $0.01 each

Buy One Get One Free Items
Nature’s Own Bread – On sale 2/ $3.49, Final Price:  $1.75

Chex Mix – On sale 2/ $2.55, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  $0.28

Cheerios Snack Mix – On sale 2/ $2.55, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  $0.28

Keebler Coconut/Chocolate Cookies – On sale 2/ $3.99, $0.55 off coupon, Final Price:  $1.45

Wish Bone Salad Dressing – On sale 2/ $2.69, $0.75 off coupon, Final Price:  $0.60

Sale Items
Pillsbury Crescent Rounds – On sale 3/ $5, $0.50 off coupon doubled, Final Price:  $0.67

International Delight Creamer – On sale 3/ $5, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $0.67

(2) Oscar Mayer Shaved Lunch Meat – On sale 2/ $6, $1/2 coupon, Final Price:  $2.50 each

Mark-down Clearance Items
Welch’s Dried Fruit – On clearance 2/ $3.99, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $1.00

Regular Price Items
AJC Newspaper – Double Edition $2.50, $1.00 off coupon (from AJC website), Final Price:  $1.50

Cascade Rinse Aid – $3.49, Free coupon (from mailer), Final Price:  FREE!

Snickers Candy Bar – $0.89, Free coupon (from Friday Chocolate Relief mailer), Final Price:  FREE!

(2) Oscar Mayer Deli Creation Sandwiches – $2.49, $1/2 manufacturer coupon, $1/2 Publix coupon, Final Price:  $1.49 each

Total Savings:   $31.57  (66%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $16.04

Publix Savings – 83%

June 3, 2009

I made a quick stop at Publix today so I could get a few buy-one-get-one-free items before the sales change tomorrow.  My whole family is going to Disney World next week and I wanted to stock up on the Crystal Light individual drink packets to take down with us.  What an easy way to have a quick and tasty drink on vacation!  I figure the “hydration” ones will be good for sunny days at the park or by the pool.  And the Publix $2.00 off Revlon tool coupon is back!!  I got paid to take nail clippers home, again!  Here is what I got:
Buy-one-get-one-free Items
(3) Crystal Light On the Go Mixes – On sale 2/ $3.99, $2/2 coupon and $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $1.00 each

(2) Taco Bell Dinner Kits – On sale 2/ $2.69, (2) $1.00 coupons, Final Price:  $0.35 each

Regular Items
Revlon Nail Clippers – Regular Price $1.49, Publix $2.00 off Revlon tool coupon, Final Price:  -$0.51 CREDIT!

Total Savings:   $15.65   (83%)

Total out of Pocket:   $3.17

Vegetable Garden, Part 2

June 2, 2009

Welcome to our garden!  We had a few rainy weeks and the garden really grew.  Unfortunately, so did GRASS inside the garden.  I spent some time pulling it all out in the top corner near the green beans, but I still need to finish the rest of the garden.  It was very tiring and sloooooooow work.  But it needs to be done.  You can’t even see the peppers anymore, they’re covered in grass!



I’ll post true post de-grassing pictures hopefully at the end of the week!  We haven’t had any other plants disappear (or get munched on) since we put the fence up.  Check out Vegetable Garden, Part 1 to catch a peek at the garden theif.

Mail Call #2!

June 2, 2009

Look what I got in the mail today! 


– Free Chocolate coupon from Mars!

– “My Magazine” coupon book from Kroger that contains 15 manufacturer’s coupons and 6 store coupons for dairy products!  Apparently June is Dairy Month!