Vegetable Garden – Part 3

I am super excited to announce:   WE HAVE FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!!  The garden has really blossomed.  It is incredible how big some of the plants are getting and the actual veggies that are growing.  Since my last update, my husband and I tried de-grassing the garden.  After an hour of pulling and a few blisters, we got discouraged…..  So my husband pulled out his weedeater and went to town cutting down all the grass inside the garden.  It worked great!  For a few days…..  As you can see in this picture that I took today, the grass is on it’s way back in…  Time for another weedeating escapade!  I put some mulch around the teeny-tiny pepper plants.  This has discouraged grass from taking them over and the pepper plants have gotten a little bigger.  They are still really tiny, so I’m doubtful that we’ll see any peppers, but you never know! 


My husband and I split the first green bean that came out of the garden the other night.  I think I should be able to pick enough for a real side dish for tomorrow’s dinner.    


I had to get creative with the pole beans.  They ended up on the inside of the bush beans, so they were reaching all over and attacking the other plants.  My Mom recommended adding some string to help corral them.  And it worked!!


We are really looking forward to having lots of squash. 

Here is our one lone tomato plant.  It is in a pot on the back patio and has one lone tomato on it.  I water it and it still looks like it’s about to die!


And last, but certainly not least, the BLACKBERRIES!  We have a lot of blackberry bushes in our back yard.  They were there when we moved in at the end of last summer, so we tried to keep the majority of them in confined to an island in the middle of the yard.  They are finally ripening!  I have to work fast to get them before the brids do, but it’s worth it!



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