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Menu Plan Monday – July 6th

July 6, 2009


Finally…  A Menu Plan Monday!!!  It has been quite a while since I posted (or even PLANNED) a week’s menu.  We have a fully stocked freezer and pantry, so I’m on a mission to eat at home.  We all know having a game plan (aka: menu plan) helps.  Here is what we’re having this week:

Monday – Out for wings

Tuesday – Chicken Caesar Salads

Wednesday – Lasagna with Italian Sausage, Garlic Cheese Bread, Veggie

Thursday – Salmon, Rice-a-Roni, Veggie

Friday – Cubed Steaks marinated in Italian Dressing, Scalloped Potatoes, Veggie

Saturday –  Kielbasa Sausage, Savannah Red Rice from “The Best of Georgia Farms:  Cookbook and Tour Book”, Veggie

Sunday – BBQ Chicken Drumsticks, leftover Savannah Red Rice, Veggie

Click on the Menu Plan Monday picture above to be taken to the official Menu Plan Monday web-site!


Publix Savings – 85.6%

July 5, 2009

I really enjoyed my shopping trip to Publix this week!  I saved a lot of money and I was able to stock up on a few things that aren’t usually on sale:  meat, toothbrushes, Tylenol, and dental floss.  Here’s what I got:


Buy One Get One Free Items
(4) Kraft Macaroni & Cheese – On sale 2/ $1.19, “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” coupon, Final Price:  $0.45 each

 Reynold’s Wrap Foil – On sale 2/ $4.45, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $1.23

(5) A-1 Sauce – On sale 2/ $4.19, (5) $2.00 off coupons, Final Price:  $0.10 each

Kraft Dressing – On sale 2/ $2.99, $1.00 off coupon, Final Price:  $0.50

Kraft Meat Coupon – Buy 2 Kraft qualifying products (A-1 and Dressing included) get $2.00 off a meat or poultry purchase:
Chicken Drumsticks –  $2.06, $2.00 off, Final Price:  $0.06
Beef Cubed Steaks – $2.09, $2.00 off, Final Price:  $0.09
Bottom Round Steak – $2.32, $2.00 off, Final Price:  $0.32

Sale Price Items
Smuckers Hot Fudge – On sale 2/ $3.00, $0.55 off coupon, Final Price:  $0.95

Regular Price Items
(2) Tylenol – $3.85 each, $3/ 2 manufacturer coupon, (2) $2.00 off Publix coupons, Final Price:  $0.35 each

(2) Reach Toothbrushes – $2.69, (2) $1.00 off manufacturer coupons, (2) $1.00 off Publix coupons, Final Price:  $0.69 each

(2) Reach Dental Floss – $1.49, (2) $1.00 off manufacturer coupons, (2) $1.00 off Publix coupons, Final Price:  $-0.51 each CREDIT!

Total Savings:   $53.11   (85.6%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $8.87

Aldi Jackpot!

July 1, 2009

I stopped by Aldi today to pick up a few things that we needed.  Since there isn’t an Aldi super close to our house, I plan to swing by when I’m close to one.  I was super lucky today!  I hit an Aldi Jackpot!!  The meat case was full of great bargains….  There were “$2 off” stickers on a lot of meat packages.  My favorite was the one pound-ish packs of Fit & Active 93/7 ground beef.  They were $2.99/ lb, so when you took $2.00 off, they were all around $1.00!  $1.00/ lb for good ground beef.  Granted, they are all dated today, but that’s not a problem…  into the freezer they went.  Here is what I got:


(8) Fit & Active 93/7 Ground Beefs Packs –  $24.28 ($2.99/lb) regular price, (8) $2.00 off, Final Price:  $1.03 each

(2) Country Style Pork Ribs – $7.32 ($2.49/lb) regular price, (2) $2.00 off, Final Price:  $1.66 each

 Hot dog buns:  $0.79
Grits:  $1.09
Whipped Topping:  $0.85
Sliced Bacon:  $1.89
Butter:  $1.99
Eggs:  $0.89
Strawberries:  $0.99
(2) Tomato Sauce:  $0.25 each
Tomato Paste:  $0.39
Canned Mushrooms:  $0.55
Bottled Water:  $2.99

Total Savings (from meat only):   $20.00   (44%) 

Total Out of Pocket:   $25.02

A Quick Savings Catch-Up

July 1, 2009

Even though I haven’t been blogging it, I have been grocery shopping (and saving money!) the last few weeks.  I had every intention of blogging about my trips….   I took pictures of everything and put my receipts aside… but alas, I didn’t blog.  And now I’m having a hard time remembering what coupons I used for which deals, and let’s face it, these deals are over and done with now.  Here is a quick savings catch-up to hopefully get me back on the blogging track!


The theme of this trip was “I’m THIRSTY!”, wouldn’t you agree?

Kroger 29

 Total Savings:   $6.39   (a lousy 29%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $15.42

This was the first week I took advantage of the “Buy 10 items, get $3 off” promotion.

Kroger 63
Total Savings:   $31.93   (63%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $19.69



And the theme of this trip was “Processed Food Paradise!”


Total Savings:   $26.37   (59%)

Total Out of Pocket:   $18.12